Tiago Vaz SerraFounder & CEO

Managing Director of VSM Advisors, a flexible and innovative Investment Boutique focused on supporting both investors and entrepreneurs in Venture Capital investment, Energy and Infrastructures and Private Equity operations.

Managing Director of venture capital investment firm VSM Capital.

Between 1999 and February 2015, manager of venture capital firm Deltaper Investments and manager of several participated companies and new ventures. Since 2009, founder and CEO at energy services group Vivapower.

From 2005 to 2009 founding partner of Madrid-based fund management company Siitnedif, SGIIC, SA, focused on Iberian equity investments.

Formerly manager of the investment division and Portfolio Manager and Corporate Finance analyst at Banco Privado Português and Equity Research analyst at Central Banco de Investimento

Specialties: investment management and advisory, start-up and new ventures consulting and investment, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, financial advisory, energy investments, and private equity.