Mário Porfírio

    Always looking for new business ideas, projects and challenges.

    Entrepreneur, manager and father of two kids.

    Objectives driven, relating practice with theory, never forgetting that reality is people and not numbers, but that numbers are needed.

    1998/… design, advertising and technology agency
    2008/… large format printing house
    2016/… venture capital company

    Marketing executive, with more than 18 years experience in strategic marketing, building companies and teams and developing commercial activities.

    Marketing, selling and people relationships are the main drivers, supported by skills learned over years in major schools and in real life.

    Teaching and learning are life objectives taken very seriously and responsibility the most important value, proven by years of actions taken, regarding people and companies.

    Specialties: marketing management, online marketing, market research, strategic planning, advertising, communication, branding and start ups.