João de Jesus FerreiraManagement Consulting

João de Jesus Ferreira is Electrical Engineer by Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa; Master in Politics, Economy and Energy Planning by Instituto Superior de Economia e Instituto Superior Técnico; Master Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering by Faculty of Science and Technology of Universidade Nova de Lisboa; Master in Business and Administration by AESE School of Management and Business. Is a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional; Qualified Expert in national energy systems; Auditor of ISO 50001; and others. With more than 40 years of experience, making focus on the following: João de Jesus Ferreira was a Professor in some Universities and Schools in Portugal; Director of ADENE, Agência para a Energia; Consultant at the National Secretary of the Environment; Advisor of National Directorate of Energy; CEO of GDF SUEZ in Portugal, CEO of JesusFerreira Consultores.
Actually is working in JesusFerreira Consultores – energyconsulting as Chief Executive Office of the Engineering and Consulting business unit, dealing with energy audits, indoor air quality and energy simulation of buildings; energy rehabilitation of existing buildings; project preparation and maintenance of buildings; preparation of preventive maintenance plans; forming Energy Managers; analysis of energy and environmental management systems; assessment of conditions of construction; expert on rational and efficient use of energy, engineering, economics and business management and energy performance contracts expert.